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A trusted partnership between businesses produces a new alliance with Qube Global Software

A national network of health and human services providers was being challenged by obstacles they were facing with their existing software’s functionality. After reviewing systems with their tenant representative firm, they chose Qube Global Software for its full range of software systems and services, as well as their commitment to maintaining strong business partnerships.

A proactive challenge:

As a company that prided itself on being a network that shared a mission to help people thrive, internal business units had been managing real estate in two disparate systems for more than three years. Simply put, the needs of the real estate group for managing long term residences had outgrown its technology. The software was no longer sophisticated enough to maintain back office support systems that reflected the mission statement of the business as it relates to quality services. With the need for full support being critical, the real estate team was challenged to improve performance through a viable replacement system.

They began the daunting task of securing a technology platform that was better than what they had. It needed to be different in the applications it could provide, faster to perform mandatory functionality, and be able to export/import portfolio information with relative ease.

With an existing relationship in place with a tenant advisory specialist firm for more than 5 years, the healthcare network trusted their business partners. They had been serving as the exclusive tenant real estate advisor, assisting with portfolio services, strategic planning and lease administration. It made perfect sense to trust them to select a system that could reduce real estate occupancy costs while aligning goals and objectives.

Challenge accepted:

The advisory firm accepted the challenge to present their client with viable reporting tools to not only replace the antiquated lease tracking system, but to outperform the existing functionality. To meet the expanding objectives of the business, they revisited the functionality of industry specialists they had previously implemented, but none of them could satisfy the stringent requirements needed. The firm had recently become advocates of the capabilities and functionality of Qube Global Software solutions, and they quickly brought them forward as the new alternative to effectively manage residential space.

Looking forward:

Qube Global Software was a good fit in terms of exceeding the expectations of both the advisory firm, and that of the end user of the software. As the chosen provider, all parties worked together to rapidly implement change.

Although the process from input to usage took longer than initially anticipated, all parties understood that some delay was necessary to avoid data conflicts at the ‘go live’ phase. With years of historical data to import, “…we knew it was never going to be easy, but it was about as painless as it could be,” stated the Director of Real Estate for the health and human services business. “Looking in the rear view mirror, it was a good team effort.”

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