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An introduction to Qube Global Software

Simplicity. The quality of being easy to understand or do.

Not usually a concept associated with the challenges of managing real estate.

That can get, well, complicated

At Qube Global Software, we deliver software solutions that simplify your main challenges.

Improve your bottom line and remain at the top of your profession

Increase engagement with your departments and clients by sharing key information that will really grab their attention.

An easy user experience that can be personalised

Cut workloads, freeing up time to concentrate on your business strategy.

Act in line with continual industry changes to remain the visionary business you strive to be.

Because our highly experienced support teams are always on hand to assist you, there’s no need to be an IT expert.

Gain a more detailed and transparent view of your past, present and future performance, empowering better decisions.

Thousands of investors, managers and occupiers worldwide trust us to manage every type of real estate better.

We are ready to help you find a simpler way.

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