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Columbia Threadneedle Investments on Qube Horizon Property Management Software

Chris Hodgkinson on the benefits of Qube Horizon property management software to investment giant Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

We are a property fund manager and invest in the UK. We are one of the largest landlords in the UK. We collect rent and service clients in terms of investment.

I’m Head of Property Operations. I am the business owner of the system, so the buck stops with me in terms of liability and grade technology of the core property system. It’s up to me to make sure the investment managers can get the data and information they need to make decisions and make sure that the business functions as it should do for all clients.

Our previous provider didn’t make the technology jump and we were forced to move, so we did a review of the products out there and the Horizon product came top of that list, so we implemented that.

I think that the benefits come in two ways really, one is that is hasn’t constrained our business which is great and we can do whatever we want within the system and the other is that we can have a level of control so it’s not a complete free for all and that allows us to do business change in a controlled way without being constrained.

On the product side, the Horizon product doesn’t constrain the business and gives us what we need and it delivers what we want from it. On the service side it’s a partnership and we work with Qube so it doesn’t detract from the core business, and I think that’s the key thing on this service.

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