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Interserve on Qube Planet FM Software

Chris Weston of Interserve speaks on the benefits of Qube Planet facilities management software.

I work for Interserve we are a support services business running about a billion pounds worth of services throughout the UK for various commercial and government businesses including health, defence, commercial and industrial clients.

I am head of IT for the Healthcare division within Interserve. I am the liaison between the IT department, which provides software for the whole company, and the business which needs to get value of the software it procures.

We were looking for a supplier of healthcare facilities management software which met our needs in a specific manner and was dedicated to the arena we were in so it was actually quite a good fit for our business. The software has been developed with our healthcare arena in mind and there are many features which match our needs exactly. It was a good match for our requirements.

Because Planet software is designed for our market place it means that we do not have to do a lot of configuration or tweaking to the software to make it useful for us. It means that we can get on with doing our job and adding value to what our customer wants without spending too much time worrying about the software.

Qube Global services are matched to our requirements and they are matched to our industry so when we ask them a question we know that they understand what we are talking about. We understand that they have got experience in other areas and with other customers in the same industry, which matched with our experience means we get much more value out of them.

We have got various new projects coming up where we can utilise the cloud computing modules that Qube Global are launching and the new version of the software has interesting new features that we can roll out to our business and make it easier for our people to use it and get best value from it. So there are lots of good innovations coming both from Qube and also from Interserve to our customers to help us get better value all round.

Our customers and our staff do like to use mobile computing, we have got a lot of interesting developments in that area. We would be able to use tablets to move that along with our customers.

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