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University of Cambridge on Qube Planet Facilities Management Software

Customer testimonial from Chris Hinton of University of Cambridge talking about the benefits of Qube Planet facilities management software.

I work for the University of Cambridge, one of the oldest and most august teaching and research institutions in the world. Three years ago celebrated our 800th anniversary, not many people can do that. I am an IT Manager within the Estates Department which is where we use Planet. We have a very varied Estate and about 1.7 billion pounds worth of property ranging from 800 year old heritage protected buildings right up to state of the art modern fabric buildings.

I was the Chief Technical lead when we implemented Planet three years ago and I have been involved in it ever since from a technical IT background keeping the system up to date, running and improving it.

We went through quite a big tender process and Planet was the winner in the end. The reason we went for an enterprise system was to replace a very old system that was largely just the maintenance unit. We wanted an enterprise system so greater transparency and consistency of data.

Planet has been able to bring together lots of different types of information that was held in different databases across the organisation so we have got consistency of information in one space. We are able to actually operate a strategic asset management process for our assets across all of those buildings, 350 of them at least, and it has pulled all that together which is accessible by everyone in our particular part of the organisation.

I have always felt that Qube have always understood where we are coming from and they have always pulled out all the stops to get to that point. We have worked together to improve not only our processes but also the system. We have quite a high hit rate on some of the suggestions for improvement and modifications that have made the core system and they have always been willing to deal with that and flexible.

One of the main challenge was all the different data that we had all over the place the data migration issues from all different sorts of systems. Working with our Qube Project Manager we were able to sort that out and find holes in our own data and improve it and then get practices and processes changed to match how the system wants to work a cultural issue.

We would like to use the system much more than we currently do and we know there are areas such as the web portal that we haven’t explored fully yet. Hand held devices – very topical at the moment and we want to go there. And there is just more information that we can get into the system and get out again.

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