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Qube Space: Software to effectively manage your workplace | On demand webinar

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With workplace management software from Qube Global, effectively managing your space has never been easier thanks to its visually appealing user interface, intuitive way to work, simple implementation process, and unique CAD drawing upload process.

In this webinar, hear the answers to the questions commonly asked for workforces of 300 to 30,000:

  • Are we using our space as efficiently as possible?
  • Can I give senior managers an accurate picture of how our space is being used?
  • How do I make it easy for my colleagues to find each other?
  • Where can I find vacant workstations?
  • Can I manage an agile workplace?
  • How do I effectively share move plans with department managers and human resources?
  • Can I accurately track equipment, furniture and even artwork in our offices?

In this free on-demand webinar, we answer these questions and more.

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