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Using Technology to Reduce the Burden of IFRS 16 | on demand webinar

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With less than 10 months until the implementation of the new lease accounting standards, there is a clear and present need for organisations to get their procedures in check. Qube can not only provide an IFRS 16 solution for today, but one that can help improve the management of the lease portfolio now or in the future.

In this on-demand webinar, find out how you can be ready for these lease accounting changes by using software specifically designed to manage real estate and asset leases.

What to expect:

  • Data integrity: unlocking the key to compliance
  • Understanding how group reporting and lease managers can collaborate through an integrated platform
  • Qube Horizon: an integrated, end-to-end lease accounting solution built for the future – see it in action

Why Qube?

A straightforward, out of the box system with a short implementation time – we’ll get you ready ahead of the 2019 deadline, with time to spare.

We have implemented leasing solutions for over 40 years and were the first to release an integrated IFRS 16 and lease management solution. As such, we understand the complexities of lease portfolios better than anyone else in the market, and our solutions have been developed to support every type of portfolio.

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