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If you’re looking for technology to support a workplace strategy there will be many components to consider. But core to these will be a solid base of real estate and facilities management data.

As the role of Head of Real Estate has grown in recent years, it has been centred around these two disciplines coming together. And the need to effectively report to the Board on metrics around these aspects has become a necessity.

We have been at the forefront of the convergence of Property and Facilities in the last four decades, and have the deepest history in both sectors. We are also recognised by major consulting organisations operating in the IWMS market as having this pedigree. Indeed, we have been particularly commended for our financial management capability. This sets us apart from others that may have only come from an FM background.

However, we also recognise that as the concept of the workplace has become ever more important – space, environmental and project management have become key elements in an IWMS project and we are also able to offer these components in detail.

So if you’re looking to base your workplace technology strategy on the core pillars of the discipline, we have a solution for you.

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of your portfolio.
  • Optimise your real estate resources and how they are used to provide a better employee experience.
  • Visibility over the total cost of occupying a property, including rents, rates, service charges, utilities, insurance and maintenance.
  • Reduce risk and ensure compliance – for instance a solution available now for upcoming FASB and IASB lease accounting changes.
  • Choose the functionality that you need now with the option to add things later.
  • Ensure each employee can work with the system the way they want to with self-service and personalisation.
  • Easily answer all your questions using a single source of information
  • Gain information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere with mobile capability.
  • Influence the corporate and employer brand by providing a better working environment. Attract and retain staff within the actions taken.
  • Utilise better Business Intelligence and reporting to proactively manage all aspects of you real estate and facilities operations.

Space Management

Get an accurate understanding
of your office-space occupancy.

Heat Mapping

Understand how your workplace
is actually used, capture data
and produce visual reports.

Scalable Choose the functionality that you need now with the option to add things later.
Mobile Access our systems via mobile and tablets and take advantage of our suite of apps.
Cloud 24/7 access to your system, on any device.
Flexible Highly adaptable system that easily flexes as you change.

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