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Specialist property investment management software for retail assets

Take a commanding view of your retail centres and malls

Trusted by leading investors in retail property assets to manage all aspects of their portfolio

Creating the kind of shopping experience that encourages a higher number of visitors, longer shopping trips, repeat visits and increased expenditure, is not guesswork.

Retail investors, property managers, centre managers and tenants need to work together to share data about consumer visits and shopping patterns. But they also need the tools to help them do this.

With business intelligence functionality that focuses on providing the exact data you need, our property investment management software allows you to overcome key challenges and generate maximum returns from your retail portfolio.

  • Get the insight on mall performance you need to drive effective strategic decision-making.
  • Compare trends over time and accurately forecast future income generated by each of your locations.
  • Effectively manage speciality leases such as mixed-use space and short-term lease arrangements.
  • Easily handle complex sales turnover-based leases and resultant invoicing.
  • Capture and analyse footfall information and use this data to drive customers to empty parts of your mall.
  • Ensure the correct tenant mix to attract mall customers and appeal to the local demographic.
  • Use the most sophisticated service charge ledger to accurately deal with recovering costs – minimising queries and debt issues.
  • Feed EPOS data into the system to identify your strongest- and weakest-performing tenants.
  • Collaborate across the entire property management process – sharing data and insights with agents, centre managers and tenants in one connected system.

How we can help

Home Hub

Gain a single, personalised view of key information
including tasks, vacancy analysis and portfolio mix.

Retail Business Intelligence

Benefit from leading-edge business intelligence to
analyse your property information for any period.


Use dashboards with real-time performance
metrics to shed light on your retail space.

Business intelligence Analytics on every screen to optimise performance.
Cross-border Work across multiple locations, currencies, languages and time zones.
Reporting Highly visual, interactive graphical analysis.
Forecasting Trend analysis and future forecasting.

Some key benefits of our mall management software:

Automate business processes

Use our software’s automated processes to capture turnover and invoice your tenants – even allowing for complex sales turnover-based leases.

Access accurate sales data

Have access to EPOS data? Automatically feed in sales figures to have instant access to turnover. Report on like-for-like sales numbers.

Ensure correct tenant mix

Our sophisticated business intelligence reporting solution allows you to analyse your property information by current and target tenant mix, tenant category, product category, area category and sales trends for any period historically and predictively.

Better manage relationships

Need those audited turnover certificates on time all the time? Use our reminder and escalation capabilities to ensure that tenants inform you accurately of their turnover.

Know your customer

Capture footfall information and use this to gain key insights into your customers’ retail habits by benchmarking visitor access against spending. Then use this data to drive footfall to the less busy parts of your operations.

Easy-to-understand, highly visual analysis

CAD plans provide an easy-to-understand overview of all of your retail and property information to enable you to determine exactly where your tenant mix is incorrect, sales turnover is below average, vacancies exist and much more, whether currently, historically and predictively over any period you define.

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