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Property management software for landowners

Technology solutions trusted by major landowners and rural estates to better manage their assets

All the flexibility you need to effectively manage a wide range of asset types and leasing structures

If you’re managing a land-based portfolio, you will face many distinct challenges. However, land might not be the only asset in the overall portfolio, you may have the challenges of managing other commercial or residential properties.

If you do not have the right information to hand your role can get very complex. Technology gives you the ability to access the right information in the right place, at the right time.

Our solution provides you with all of the flexibility required to manage these varied assets, and having worked with some of the biggest public, private and not-for-profit landowners in the last 40 years we have the expertise to deliver a system that will match the requirements of your estate.

  • Access the software at any point for real-time information about the physical property, leases, tenants, accounting data and spatial GIS data.
  • Manage specialised records such as wayleaves/licences, as well as grants and government payments.
  • Easily accommodate boundary changes, including expansive portfolios incorporating large acreages.
  • Achieve consistency by ensuring all your business units adopt identical business processes, no matter where they are based.
  • Adopt the best software user experience with highly visual and easy-to-interpret dashboards and views, catering for every user including board members, accountants and property managers.
  • Effectively maintain your buildings by tracking all associated tasks and the related accountancy, supplier management and ordering functionality.
  • Increase collaboration with suppliers and agents through an easy-to-access mobile enabled SaaS solution.

How we can help

Flexible solutions

Our software can be tailored to your specific requirements, allowing you to store a range of property information and documentation.

By their very nature, rural estates and portfolios of property are mixed, varied and expansive. No two rural estates are likely to be the same, but our software suite can help you store information on these items:

  • Land Arable, grassland, woodland/forestry, amenity land, excavation land, development land, coastal land and marshland
  • Buildings Residential, commercial, retail, hotels, public houses, industrial units, holiday cottages, agricultural buildings, amenity buildings
  • Wayleaves and easements Access rights, power and communication wayleaves and easements, public access, sporting rights, grazing rights
  • Water / marine Amenity water, fish farms, mooring rights, water for alternative energy


Gain a single personalised view of properties,
priorities and performance.


Assess the urgency of tasks, prioritising
these to ensure you never miss a date.


Proactively manage your portfolio and
analyse business information.

Automate Streamline and automate your property management processes.
Mobile Access our systems via mobile and tablets and take advantage of our suite of apps.
SaaS 24/7 access to your property management system on any device.
Complete security We hold the ISO 27001:2013 security certification for our Qube Horizon SaaS product.

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