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Cloud based rental agency software

Our cloud based rental agency software is designed to make the day to day running of your business as smooth as possible, so you can maximise engagement and increase revenue.

Use our solution to maintain one central view of your portfolio across all branches and staff, keeping contacts, correspondence, tasks, tenancies and sales in a single location.

As a 100% cloud based platform, the system is accessible anytime and anywhere, empowering your team to carry out tasks on the go. Want to know more? Request a demo.

Rental agency software at a glance

  • A prospective tenant can be linked to a property and a new let created. This automatically generates events in the diary based on the parameters set when the software is configured
  • Progression to let tools
  • Key milestones can be set and customised
  • Action history recorded for future reference. Referencing details and tenancy verification procedures to allow authorised staff to vet information entered at branch level before tenancy goes live
  • Unlimited progression notes and other details can be fully recorded against records
  • Full financial records, with the ability to view all transactions on demand.
  • Ability to receive branch payments
  • Add and modify charges with full reporting ability
  • Tenancy summary page and tenancy file front cover sheet can be produced from the system.

Property management and accounting

Since our rental agency software comes with extensive property management and accounting functionality, you can streamline processes and make significant time and cost efficiencies. Features include:

  • Tenant and landlord receipts/batch processing and create BACS files
  • Enter and manage payments at branches as they are made and cleared
  • Pay landlords, tenants, contracts and agency charges easily
  • Post contractor invoices against appropriate property or tenancy records
  • Handle miscellaneous charges, refunds & credits
  • Carry out bank reconciliations
  • Transfer holding deposits from one tenancy to another

Want to know more about our rental agency software? Speak to one of our team today to discover the benefits our solution will bring to your business.

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