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WM Morrison on Qube PM Software

Stuart Turner of supermarket giant WM Morrison explains the benefits of Qube PM Software.

The primary aim of our business is retail and goods through the medium of supermarkets but in the course of building up that business we have amassed a property portfolio of both operational and investment properties in excess of 30 million square feet with a current value of £8 billion so it is my job to support a team of people who look after that portfolio. 

I head up a team of 38 people who predominantly look after the day to day operation of the property portfolio. Within that group there are 3 super users, including myself of Qube and 8 primary administrators.  We then in turn support the regional estate management surveyors, our drawing office, development team, construction division and other areas of the company with statistical information primarily and we always try to make sure Qube is always the up to date and reliable source of property management information.  So we are always looking to make the best use of the product and looking at new ways to innovate what we have already got and any new innovations that come online to make the best of it for the use of the business.

Back in 2000 I was charged with the task of finding some software to take us really not into the 21st century but into the 20th century as we seemed to be operating in the 19th.  It involved at the time me bringing in 6 of the primary operators in the field to demonstrate their products. So we chose it, installed it in 2001 and haven’t really looked back.  We have done lots of additions to it since and changes and we have recently done an integration with Oracle EBS which is now our company finance system and that has been very successful.

We bought the Safeway group of companies in 2004 which effectively quadrupled our property portfolio overnight and we have assimilated that into Qube very quickly and easily.  More recently we have had an integration done with Oracle EBS which is our primary financial software but the single biggest advantage to our department I think is the one source of property management information. We have got a single source of information accessible by all the people in the company that need it and it is all accurate and only updated in once place.

I think the fact that you can pick up a telephone and you have got a consultant that knows your business at the end of the phone, you have got people at the help desk who know your business.  The staff are always very, very friendly, the fact that the training courses are adaptable to  suit our own purposes, in fact we have had many tailor made courses recently  because we are expanding the number of users globally throughout the company. We will we making a lot more use of the training and those facilities in the future. 

We are always looking to innovate and we are looking at all new developments that come with the software but very importantly for us at the moment we are re-platforming onto the Citrix platform to enable Qube to be used at our remote locations. We have 12 remote offices throughout the country and we have some major shopping centres where we have estates staff onsite so we want to move the operation out to those.  We also will be looking to use the new adaptability to tablets and ipads etc to be used with the system.  But it is all about innovation for us. It is about streamlining our business and looking at all the ways to make things happen quicker, better and more efficiently and I think we have still got the right product to do that.  

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