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BOMA continues to promote thought leadership | July 1, 2015

The 2015 BOMA International Annual Conference was another success for representatives from Qube Global Software. Held in the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 28th through 30th, the Every Building Conference and Expo focused its theme on CREating your own success. In this ever changing industry, both industry speakers and exhibitors crafted their presentations around an impressive display of innovation, creativity, and critical career advancing opportunities.

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) maintains what it refers at as ‘the gold standard combination of information, expertise and industry connections’. Education tracks covered a wide array of subject matter: from sustainability to energy efficiencies; due diligence and hidden treasures; customer loyalty to sales etiquette. There was even a ‘celebrity sighting’ when Sunday’s General Session featured acclaimed TV talk show host Jay Leno. More than just an entertainer, Leno shared his jokes, wit, and an interesting spin on the subject of ‘anyone can have a life…but careers are hard to come by.’

Playing on the topic of creativity, Qube Global Software took a differing approach to how they exhibited this year. Eager to gather industry information, the team was geared with 3 (three) surveys, all in an effort to find out what industry experts are thinking as it comes to space and resource bookings. In exchange for attendees time and consideration, we auctioned off nearly 50 stuffed animals to survey participants. “Surveys are such a great way to gather key information in a non-sales environment,” commented Sharon Miller Trackman, Director of Marketing for the Americas. “And, it goes without saying, the cuddly toys exhibited on our booth were a clear expression of our creativity and innovative ideas. We believe that type of thought process is also reflected in the way our solutions benefit the real estate market.”

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