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Collaboration is key at Realcomm 2015 | June 10, 2015

This year’s 17th annual Realcomm conference ran from June 9 through June 10, focusing on the relationship of technology as it relates the commercial real estate industry. Realcomm brings to its existing and expanding membership discussions on the intersection of technology, innovation and real estate operations.

As a continuing supporter of Realcomm and its initiatives, Qube Global Software aligns with the organization on its thoughts on continuing globalization. As businesses continue to expand its footprint, our software solutions must reflect these same initiatives and value exchange.

Jim Young, the founder of Realcomm, praised this year’s conference as one of the most collaborative events to date. The ongoing partnerships between Realcomm and fellow real estate educational associations (BOMA, IFMA and CoreNet) bring about new relationships and differing viewpoints from industry experts of varying disciples.

A range of business experts participated from an array of companies, including representatives from IT, facilities, marketing, and property management. An increase in Startup companies were well represented, reflecting the growing level of interest commercial real estate for trend setting solutions.

“Realcomm is a strong player in the Commercial Real Estate industry. We remain intrigued by the ways the discuss the effects of developing trends as it relates to technology, automation and innovation,” stated Matthew Sheldrick, Managing Director of the Americas.

Qube Global Software will also participate in CoREtech, Realcomm’s corporate real estate event, hosted this fall.

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