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CoreNet Global Summit Las Vegas a Success 2013 | November 1, 2013

Qube Global Software showcased its latest products and thought leadership ideas at the CoreNet Global Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 21-23. A key session featured CEO John Cuppello and Matthew Sheldrick, Vice President of Business Development, on ‘What Business Intelligence Means to CRE’.  The audience was at capacity during the 80 minute session on Tuesday, October 22, from 8:30 am to 9:40 am.  Experts were enlightened to best practices and business strategies that better utilize Business Intelligence tools in the Real Estate C-suite.

Sharon Miller Trackman, Marketing Manager for the Americas and Canada, was also a featured presenter with an interactive 15-minute session on ‘Human Being Etiquette 101,’ with highlights from Robert Fulgham’s book entitled “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” Held in the REIMAGINATION Theater on Wednesday, October 23, from 12:30 pm to 12:45 pm, attendees were awarded prizes for their participation, taking away new ideas for improved interaction as a person, both for business and personal life enhancement.

Qube Global Software was thrilled to once again feature its built-to-scale model of a managed floor plate in a Hong Kong office.  CRE experts had the opportunity to interact and learn about Qube Space Manager in an informative and entertaining manner.   Contests were held on both exhibition days, from guessing how many bricks the model office is comprised of, and how much space was utilized throughout the course of the three day conference.

John Cuppello, CEO of Qube Global Software, commented that “this year’s CoreNet North American Summit in Las Vegas has set a new standard for future summits.  The industry as a whole is better suited to look at improved ways of enhancing their business functionality.  We appreciate the opportunity to remain a trusted advisor and partner in the CRE industry.”

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