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The Gherkin stages successful Planet seminar for FM professionals | 12 February 2014

Our Planet team recently hosted a highly successful seminar for FM professionals to demonstrate how the solution can help them achieve their main objectives.

The three-hour seminar, which took place at the Gherkin building in the City of London, highlighted some of Planet’s key functionality through live demonstrations and an interactive Q&A session.

Initially, the focus of the session was on the solution’s ability to produce data-driven business intelligence reports. As was demonstrated in detail, these can either be presented in a dashboard format offering a complete oversight of performance (e.g. overall budget overview, key staff utilisation etc.) or at a more detailed level.

The team then moved onto to highlight Planet’s strength as an information resource, concentrating on its ability to allow organisations to store all details about their sites (and everything in them) in one place. As they explained, this includes all building information (i.e. maintenance history, asbestos reports, space data, specific permits etc), asset information (i.e. asset type, location, model value and history, meter readings, service contracts etc), property management (i.e. charges, lease information, liabilities and insurance) and stores information (i.e. stock, suppliers, prices etc).

A demonstration of Planet’s helpdesk module showed how this saves users time and maximises efficiencies by enabling fast call logging, automated workflows, automatic issuing of work to resources and contractors, simple call management and straightforward reporting. The session also highlighted how the software’s survey functionality helps users identify key risks, conduct health and safety surveys, develop long term maintenance plans and inform budget requirements, while its room booking module enables them to manage diaries for any bookable location or resource (including room layout or seating configurations).

The team explored a number of additional features in the second half of the seminar, including Planet’s overall configurability. As an example, they showed how users can adjust call categories, drop down menus, table views, buttons, sidebars, custom fields, record views and workflows depending on their individual preferences. They also highlighted the automated communication tools, which enable issues to be reported from the web portal and the helpdesk to assign a call category, which then automatically sends the job to the relevant tradesman’s smartphone. Tradesmen can then record the completion of the task via their smartphone, which in turn auto updates Planet.

Planet’s Sales Director Steve Jones , who led the seminar, said:
“We are passionate about our software because we know how much of a positive impact it can have on an organisation’s overall FM approach. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to demonstrate exactly how Planet is capable of doing this in such an impressive venue.”

If you’re an FM professional and would like to register your interest in attending similar events in future, email us at marketing@qubeglobal.com.

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