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Horizon Service Pack 15 now available | 14 February 2014

In a further development to improve Horizon’s usability, functionality and business processes, the latest service pack is now available

Service Pack 15 contains a raft of improvements that our customers can adopt. Notable enhancements include:

  • For our SaaS customers, we now support Active Directory Federated Services. This provides users with single sign on access to the Horizon system located within our data centres using their company’s provided username credentials.
  • The building maintenance capabilities have been improved with a new interactive graphical calendar that provides an intuitive presentation of existing and future building, contractor and employee activities.
  • The implementation of a new transfer charging option that provides internal market rents to business unit organisations
  • Improvements to the Workplace making for an improved user interface
  • A new central notification and messaging system is now provided to improve Portal management.

To find out more, contact horizon@qubeglobal.com.

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