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Horizon Service Pack 16 now available | 10 July 2014

In a further development to improve Horizon’s usability, functionality and business processes, the latest service pack is now available.

Service Pack 16 contains a raft of improvements that our customers can adopt. Notable enhancements include:

  • The incorporation of Irish VAT accounting requirements within the service charge expenditure recovery module. As a result, specific rules relating to Irish VAT treatment of service charges is now managed automatically without the need for manual intervention.
  • Functionality enabling the financial treatment of lease incentives to be migrated from UK GAAP to FRS 102 (in preparation for the ending and associated transition rules of UK GAAP).
  • The incorporation of SMS messaging for alert notifications, both internally (to staff) and externally to other parties (e.g. tenants for late payments or contractors for job activities)
  • A whole suite of additional usability improvements that help to both enhance the user interface and further increase the efficiency of established business processes.

To find out more, contact horizon@qubeglobal.com.

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