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IAMC scores with its return to Cleveland for the 2015 Fall Forum | October 1, 2015

IAMC never fails to produce valuable forums, and this fall’s event at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel proved to be another success for the growing organization.  Industrial real estate professionals joined with industry service providers, brokers and economic developers for an array of key note presentations, interactive sessions and casual conversation. With a focus on ‘connect, lead and succeed as it relates to building industry and community’, subject matter ranged from site selection processes to emergency preparedness, workforce diversity to managerial flexibility, negotiation techniques to creative innovation.

Early arrivers had the option of participating in area tours, playing golf or getting ‘down and dirty’ with a volunteer community improvement project. Sharon Miller Trackman, Director of Marketing, worked with nearly 40 other volunteers to plant more than 600 native shrubbery on the shores of the Cuyahoga River.  Immediately following the mornings activities, the exhausted but exuberant crew ventured to the West Side Market for lunch at the Market Garden Brewery.

The IAMC Board meeting proved exciting for Miller Trackman, where it was announced she will take on the co-chair responsibilities of the International Committee with Colleen Caravati of Corning.  “This is such an exciting opportunity, especially for the pending growth of the organization on a global scale,” stated Sharon.  “I look forward to working in conjunction with SIOR as we prepare for our first joint Forum in London next year.”

IAMC is known for its leadership development programs during every forum.  Both Sharon and Managing Director Matthew Sheldrick participated in the 2 hour session hosted by James Robbins, author of Nine Minutes on Monday: the Quick and Easy Way to Go from Manager to Leader.  His presentation focused on the concepts of how to transform internal staff members into outstanding leaders in nine minutes each Monday morning. This system is proven to better enable leaders to increase employee morale, engagement and productivity.

Opening keynote speaker was champion swimmer Diana Nyad.  After 5 attempts, 62 year old Nyad finally ‘conquered her shores’ and swam 103 miles from Cuba to Florida.  What had been deemed impossible was attained, and Nyad’s message to never give up on a dream was saluted with a standing ovation.

Memory expert Bob Gray used his incredible memory tactics to mesmerize the crowd. He explained that all memories are based on association and the more crazy/ridiculous/nonsensical the connection, the better…and the easier to remember. “I loved that Gray stated that we need to put fun, color and images back into education,” Sharon stated.  ‘And if anyone wants to hear the story about Venus Williams and how it relates to the alignment of the planets, give me a call!”

Workforce trends expert Seth Mattison reminded everyone how no matter how technical the world becomes, humans will forever crave social interaction.  Regardless of our generational identity, personal connectivity trumps email every time.

Don Hutson shared strategies for success in the art of negotiation.  His suggestions for achieving a higher percentage of win-wins in arguments is deftly handled by negotiating with attitude.  Believe in the ways to make the negotiation work, rather than the reasons it can’t or won’t.

Bruce Christopher concluded the conference with his humorous keynote presentation on how to better lead so that others will follow. Bruce is noted for saying “laugh ‘til you cry but learn ‘til you change!” The psychologist-humorist is an interpersonal communication expert who has been listed as one of the twelve great Americans to watch.

Qube Global Software continues to support the efforts of the organization by supporting programming on a local, national and international scale.  Before the close of 2015, Sharon will attend local events in Chicago, Charleston, Atlanta and Slough England.

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