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Advancing Business at IFMA World Workplace 2013 | September 27, 2013

Qube Global Software is excited to be supporting the International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA’s) Annual World Workplace in Philadelphia, PA, October 2 through 4.

As the headquarter city for The America’s team, we share in the pride of our local IFMA chapter, showing off our city’s culture and history, to participating Facility Managers from around the globe

Qube Global Software and technology partner, CAD Management Ltd, will be available to visually display state of the art technology that delivers improved business benefits in direction relation to the areas of importance for Facility Manager’s.  The new Qube Space Manager system will be demonstrated via the use of Lego toys to show such key features as: trend analysis and decision support for advanced data visualizations; detail focused financial functionality for powerful document management; and powerful CAM reconciliation and complete user flexibility.

Did you say “Lego?”  Qube Space Manager (powered by Accordant version 9.5) will utilize a to scale replica of a floor plate currently under management in an office in Hong Kong, with 88 ‘legotars’ of actual team members.    Examples of space utilization, occupancy and moves will be demonstrated through the use of bar code tracking, with demonstrations held on booth 1230 on the half hour. In addition, day one (1) of the exhibition will offer a Lego set as prize for the most accurate guess of number of pieces used in the construction of the model; day two (2) will reward the most accurate guess on non-utilized space from the prior day. In addition, the wide range of Qube Global Software solutions will be demonstrated on the hour by company experts, highlighting technology that allows for improved decision making based on real time information and past performance.

“As much as we say that the Lego model is a ‘professional business tool’, we truly believe that demonstrating the effectiveness of our software can and should be fun,” commented Sharon Miller Trackman, Marketing Manager of The Americas and Canada.  In addition, “Qube Global Software is honored to be a proud supporter and mentor to the up and coming classes from Temple University and CCP.   These future FM’s are a force to be reckoned with…come see why on Thursday morning, just before the doors to the trade show floor open.”

IFMA is represented by professionals in the facility management field dedicated to pursuing their education and learning the best and latest practices for improving business processes.  There will be on hand an anticipated 2,000 decision-makers from international organizations, representing more than forty (40) countries.

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