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IFMA World Workplace 2014 is a success | September 22, 2014

In ‘big easy’ fashion, the 2014 IFMA (International Facility Managers Association) World Workplace followed a strong exhibition hall opening with an incredible party with the Mardi Gras World warehouse. Situated on the banks on the Mississippi River, adjacent to the Morial Convention Center, industry professionals viewed hundreds of Mardi Gras floats, dined on local cuisine, and danced the night away. From September 17 through 19, more than 5000 IFMA members discussed, debated and deliberated on such key topics as: the impact of globalization; what the future face of FM might look like; workforce versus workplace; and technology as it impacts leadership.

Qube Global Software once again worked with their UK partners, CAD Management (CADM). In prior years, the businesses demonstrated the functionality of their space management applications via a built-to-scale model office constructed solely of Lego bricks. This year, FM’s from all over the globe had the opportunity to interact with their experiential model office, complete with the additional element of mobilized workers.

Throughout the conference, studies were conducted to measure space utilization, or lack thereof. Using the Qube Space Management (powered by Accordant 9.5) mobile application, remote controlled robots were driven around the office to represent constant movement that occurs in every workplace.

“This years’ model was both visual and tactile, allowing for increased and open conversation about how facility managers view space, commented VP Sheldrick. “The more creative we get with our demonstrations, the more information we gather from the actual end user.”

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