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Intrapreneurship at IAMC | April 30, 2015

What is intrapreneurship, and what does it have to do with disruptive innovation? This was a stream of discussion and debate taking precedence at the IAMC (Industrial Asset Management Council) bi-annual professional forum in Palm Desert, California April 25 through 29, 2015. More than 100 industrial CRE executives joined the nearly 400 industry professionals, breaking previously set attendance records.

An intrapreneur is described as someone who acts as an entrepreneur in a large organizational structure. Keynote speaker and former NFL Dallas Cowboys superstar Emmitt Smith based his motivating opening session on the advantages of being an innovative disrupter. As acting CEO of E Smith Reality, Emmitt’s stories reflecting how always striving to achieve your personal best will subsequently produce positive results. Sharon Miller Trackman, Director of Marketing for the Americas, was particular impressed with Emmitt’s philosophy to achieving a personal best. “He made a particular reference to getting things done. When he discussed his concept on how what you wish to achieve is only a dream until you write it down, it rang true with how I achieve personal goals,” stated Sharon. Whitney Johnson, the author of ‘Dare, Dream Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream’, followed Smith’s powerful presentation with her viewpoints on how entrepreneurship will accelerate and drive innovation, both for the individual and within a corporate structure.

Aligned best practices and upcoming trends remain a focal point of discussion amongst IAMC membership. Because of IAMC’s policy to retain a 2:1 balanced ratio of service providers and economic developers to CRE’s, roundtable discussions, networking events and panel presentations allow for a more insightful perspective.

At IAMC, we don’t network, we connect. This stands true amongst the IAMC membership. The association is a social community of likeminded professionals who enjoy getting to know each other on a personal level first. Strong friendships lead to business relationships, supporting the concept that most people prefer doing business with people they like.

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