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London seminar highlights benefits of Horizon 10 | 28 November 2013

Our team demonstrated the latest version of the Horizon solution at a seminar hosted at the Gherkin in the City of London on 22nd November.

The session, hosted by Sales Director Martin Betts and Senior Business Consultant Paul Garwood, demonstrated key functionality of Horizon 10. It primarily focused on the enhanced business intelligence the software offers, particularly the ability to view all key data in one central location. The seminar specifically highlighted:

  • Interactive visual dashboards that analyse key performance and identify trends and anomalies, which offer the ability to drill into the source information and identify the root cause of any issue.
  • Overlaying of CAD floor plates with key management information from the day-to-day operational database; this then allows retail investors – for example – to see highly targeted data concerning turnover rent, their current and future tenant mix and unit vacancy with associated pre-leasing strategies in an intuitive and understandable manner that allows plans to be formulated and measured by users.
  • Viewing estate data through GIS, which is linked directly to the property database to allow users to see their information visually; for example, they can see red line estate maps, overlay uses, letting details and other critical information alongside other relevant GIS data that helps them to manage land-based estates and interests.

As well as exploring some of the key business intelligence functionality of the software, the team gave a more general overview of Horizon. Specifically, they highlighted a client list boasting Tesco, HSBC, Intu, Hammerson, LaSalle Investment Management, Canada Life and Dubai World Trade Centre. On top of this, the team highlighted the benefits experienced by many existing customers presenting case studies on Threadneedle, the National Trust and Redevco.

The seminar also demonstrated Horizon’s compatibility with various supplementary or ERP systems, ranging from Oracle and SAP through Argus Valuations to Microsoft Office.

“While time limitations meant we could only concentrate on very small parts of Horizon’s functionality – its capabilities spread far beyond what we were able to show today – this was an excellent opportunity to highlight some of the many benefits offered by the latest version of the software and the competitive advantage that Horizon gives our clients,” says Martin Betts of Qube Global Software.

If you are interested in Horizon 10 or would like to attend a similar seminar in future, please contact horizon@qubeglobal.com.

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