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Make better space decisions with Qube Space Manager: a 30 minute hosted webinar | May 21, 2014

Webinar attendees spent 30 minutes with Dusty Duistermars and Matthew Sheldrick of Qube Global Software, gaining an increased understanding of the functionality available in Qube Space Manager.  In this high level overview key benefits of the space management application were reviewed and demonstrated.  From simple drag and drop moves to full on divisional relocations, Qube Space Manager proves to be a robust technology resource ready to handle all aspects of workplace change.  In addition to the highlights of this webinar, the hosts answered a number of questions posed by the audience, a few examples are listed below.

Profiles:  can the user define profiles?  Individual profiles can be created by the systems administrative user, typically a real estate executive or a facilities team director. The user can define varying levels of accessibility to the system, including ‘read-only’ or complete moves, adds and changes capabilities.

Drawings:  how do we load drawings into the system?  An AutoCAD overlay is available for users who want to perform their own drawing management. The plug-in includes a number of proprietary drawing shortcuts that reduce traditional poly lining by approximately 70%. Drawing management can also be outsourced to Qube Global Software.

Shared desks:  can you split allocations?  Yes.  Qube Space Manager offers the ability to split single desk allocations to multiple users. This is ideal for multi-shift contact centers, or for users with employees that share multiple desk locations throughout a portfolio.

Heat maps and tracking:  can I use the mobile survey application for purposes other than space utilization?  Yes. Existing customers use the survey technology for a variety of applications, including the assignment of desk locations, I.T. asset location mapping, condition of furnishings, etc.

The competition: how is Qube Space Manager different?  Very few systems feature both an easy user interface with in depth functionality. The cloud based application can output highly configurable reports, detailing the most complex hierarchical corporate structures. The user interface allows non-real estate personnel to utilize the system as a ‘local floor monitor’ with minimal training.

For more information, please contact Dusty Duistermars on 610.425.8252.

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