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Occupier challenges: software and technology use in the real estate sector

Our Software and Technology use in the Real Estate Sector – Occupier Challenges paper, researched in conjunction with industry-leading magazine Property Week, highlights the importance of effective software solutions to property occupiers.

Tellingly, three in four say they intend to make a significant investment in software or technology in the next five years.

The survey also highlights that:

Occupiers say that understanding of the property function by the wider business is their greatest challenge, closely followed by property acquisition and site availability.

Two-thirds of occupiers feel technology or software could help them tackle their biggest challenge.

More than half of occupiers also say they do not use software or technology to measure KPIs.

Only one in three use software or technology to measure their property’s impact on the environment.

Nearly half of those surveyed say software compatibility is an issue.

The Software and Technology use in Real Estate – Occupier Challengespaper was research commissioned by Property Week in conjunction with Qube Global Software. It features data from more than 800 responses to a survey of property investors, occupiers and agents.

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