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Qube Global Software published in Tomorrows FM | 23 August 2012

Planet Sales Director Steve Jones advised how to choose the correct FM software partner for the current issue of Tomorrows FM.

Requested by Tomorrows FM, Qube Global Software was the clear choice as the leading Facilities Management Software provider, for this special CAFM August issue of the digital magazine. The article highlights the importance of choosing the right FM software provider for your needs and Steve Jones walks the reader through a guide of points to consider during the process.

When choosing requirements, Steve states the need to be precise about your reporting requirements and not purchase anything you don’t require.

“Identify which outputs are really important to you and what needs to be analysed, at the same time, avoid the trap of creating a long wish list of required features, and decide what’s really important to achieving those aims”

To further help and to enable Facilities Managers to have the opportunity to ask questions regarding CAFM software, Qube Global Software have organised a complimentary seminar and webinars in September and October 2012.

Visit pages 16 and 17 of this month’s Tomorrows FM for the full article

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