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Survey reveals real estate agents to invest in software | 16 December 2013

Agents and service providers are to upgrade their software and technology systems substantially, according to research produced as part of our paper Software and Technology use in the Real Estate Sector – Agent Challenges.

Around four in five of the agents surveyed say they will “invest significantly” in new technology in the next five years.

“These figures display a recognition among agents of the clear value that property software can add,” says John Cuppello, CEO of Qube Global Software. This can largely be attributed to the significant technological advancement that has been in evidence in recent years, with cloud computing and the increasing prominence of mobile devices just two example, and a desire to improve compliance with legislation and regulations. Businesses want to use software that have kept up with recent developments and that can help them overcome these issues.”

”An effective property solution can also be a key driver in optimising performance. With more than 60 per cent also saying they use software to track against their KPIs, a desire for improved business intelligence is another reason behind this desire to invest in comprehensive software solutions.”

About the Study
The Software and Technology use in Real Estate – Agent Challenges paper was research commissioned by Property Week in conjunction with Qube Global Software. It features data from more than 800 responses to a survey of property investors, occupiers and agents. Find out more by contacting Andrew Smith.

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