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urbanbubble becomes Qube user | 9 April 2014

We are delighted to welcome block manager urbanbubble as a new customer.

The company has become a user of our Qube property management and accounting solution to support rapid recent expansion on the back of strong customer service. urbanbubble primarily manages properties in Manchester, although it also has others elsewhere in the North West and Leeds.

Qube will bring a range of benefits to the company including replacing existing systems deemed unable to cope with future growth plans, establishing strong controls, automating processes, further improving customer service levels and utilising Qube’s reporting functionality, along with the Qube Tenant Portal and Qube Task Hub.

The business will implement an eight concurrent user system that is expected to go live in early July 2014.

Andrea Thornhill, Change and Innovation Manager at urbanbubble, comments:
“Due to both past and anticipated growth of our business, we needed an effective and powerful property management software solution. Qube has proved itself to be the best solution in the market.”

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