What are you looking for?

Flexible and robust software for managing
corporate leases

Put critical lease information at your fingertips and adopt a proactive
and strategic approach to managing your corporate leases

A modular application lets you extend your lease
management how and when it suits you

As a corporate occupier, your goal is to get the best possible value from your leases, while controlling the total cost of occupancy.

Your leases are not just a cost when they help you to meet your business goals. Treat them as assets. Invest in software to manage them. Enjoy easy access to your lease information and make better decisions, faster.

If you’re a corporate occupier who also owns property, then you can manage the property you own in the same application as your leases, and keep information on all your leases and properties in a single database.

  • Here's some of what Qube Vision can offer you:

    Best of both worlds - locally grown and supported core product, with the knowledge, backing, and product add-ons of a global enterprise.
  • Get started with Lease Management, then add Financials, Facilities Management and other capability as you want.
  • Dashboards to snapshot in real time what the state of your leases is right now.
  • Workflow Management that highlights critical times, dates and events, making it possible for you to transform from a concerned and reactive lease management style, to one that is forward thinking and proactive.
  • Integration with other applications made easy with web service APIs.
  • Single source of truth to save time and reduce duplication and errors.
  • Compliance with lease accounting standard IFRS 16 from January 2019.

Mobile friendly

Browser agnostic, responsive design enabling you to access the application anytime, anywhere


Provide and limit access with
comprehensive permissions features


Get a high-level overview of your business
intelligence with graphical representations

SaaS Native web-developed SaaS solution, accessed easily just using a browser.
Security We hold industry standard security certifications.
Mobile Access via mobiles and tablets, plus take advantage of our suite of apps.
Scalable Suitable for any portfolio size, from a single corporate campus through to a complex international portfolio.

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