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Create and publish your own custom-built reports and dashboards

Create and publish your own custom-built reports and dashboards with integrated business intelligence tools

The Qube Vision Custom Report Tool empowers you to quickly and efficiently create, print and publish your own custom reports based on any aspect of performance for which the system routinely collects data.

Unlike many third-party tools, Vision’s Custom Report Tool includes a detailed data dictionary and a map of all data relationships – making it very easy for you to construct the report you require. The Custom Report Tool also integrates with Microsoft Report Builder, a client-side reporting tool designed to help you sidestep the usual challenges of building detailed graphical reports.

Even better, Qube Vision consultants can create the Custom Reports for you, and deliver them without having to wait for a release cycle.

Key benefits

Demonstrate key performance trends in an easily-digestible format

With Qube Vision Custom Report Tool you can quickly and easily create graphs, including data maps, sparklines, pie charts and more. As a result, you will be able to produce new insights well beyond what can be achieved with standard tables and charts.

Manipulate your data quickly

Our Report Gallery takes self-service reporting to new heights. It enables users to extract certain datasets produced in your existing reports as building blocks for creating new reports. “Grab and go” functionality makes this process quick and easy.

Build a report library

The Custom Report Tool also allows you to save and publish reports you’ve created, making it easy for you to both build a database of all the reports you’ve produced and share this information with others. Reports are subject to the same access and user rules as all other modules – so you only expose the reports to authorised users.

The Custom Report Tool is designed for power users and database administrators with SQL experience, and comes with full training and support.

Contact us today to find out more about the Qube Vision Custom Report Tool.

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