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Business intelligence tools for sales and rental agents

In an increasingly challenging and demanding marketplace, sales and rental agents require a wide range tools that allow them to effectively manage their properties and analyse the performance of their portfolio.

The powerful user interface within our leading sales and rental solution does just that, providing you with a wealth of business intelligence on every screen visualised through modern, intuitive and dynamic dashboards and gadgets.

This range of features available offer real-time reporting and analysis, helping you to get a deeper understanding of your business in seconds, and giving you the information you need to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

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Our sales and rental solutions also include a full reporting suite to provide reports on all aspects of transactions processed; from applicants and tenants, right through to full financial reporting and client accounts (including all NRL requirements etc.).

Years of development, research and listening to the needs of our clients means our sales and rental solution offers reports that include but are not limited to: KPIs, Pipeline reporting, Vendor/landlord feedback, Vendor/landlord login reports, Applicant login, Employee login reports and system usage logs, Tenant arrears, Audited field alterations, Holding deposits (inactive records), Tenant/landlord negative balances, Reconciled transactions, Landlord debtors and creditors, and Occupied property logs.

This is just a snapshot of the range of features found within our software that help enhance your strategic decision-making capabilities. To find out more about our solutions for sales and rental agents, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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