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Stock and Stores Management

If you manage multiple stores then you need to gain instant access to stock levels in order to track each item you have, how quickly you are using stock, and the overall cost to you. Using our stock and stores management functionality, you can achieve complete visibility over your stock levels and costs, make significant efficiency savings and minimise delays in repairing or replacing equipment.

  • Link into the purchasing functionality to perform automatic stock replenishment, reducing cost and avoiding delays
  • Manage multiple stores (including moving stores such as vans) and arrange inter-store stock transfers
  • Use the Work Order app to allow engineers the ability to identify when and where items have been used, keeping your stores up to date
  • Locate and track stock easily and quickly
  • Supplier performance analysis
  • Carry out stock takes and understand store values
  • Accounts for changes in stock costs when re-charging internally
  • Maintain suitable stock levels, identifying required items to complete PPMs in advance of their due date

Get in touch to find out more about the benefits the Stores functionality can bring to your business.

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