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Gain a full understanding of your portfolio with business intelligence tools for Property Managers

Many organisations waste time, money and opportunities to grow by operating inefficient property management processes when they could be taking advantage of the latest technologies.

With business intelligence tools from Qube, you can ensure you manage your portfolio effectively whilst maintaining a strong position to take advantage of every opportunity.

From personalised dashboards and gadgets to targeted insights and trend analysis – our solutions help you to make effective and informed decisions at every level.

Below is a selection of the extensive and varied business intelligence features found within our software:

  • Simply view high level information upon entry to the system, with a fully configurable dashboard providing you with easy to digest graphical representations of chosen business intelligence. Preconfigured for various roles throughout the business, including Property Managers, Property Accountants, and C-Suite
  • Targeted insights presented through highly visual gadgets throughout the system
  • Flexible management reporting suite with hundreds of standard reports readily available in the system and the ability to create reports tailored to your business
  • Extract reports in multiple formats, including Word, Excel, PDF and directly to dashboards, helping you effectively manage your portfolio day to day
  • Access an extensive library of reports from a central repository that can be quickly and easily installed and deployed to users
  • Detailed current and historical trend analysis allowing you forecast likely future outcomes and monitor performance trends
  • Simply filter and sort both summaries and detailed analysis of common enquiries – such as interrogation of leasing schedules – then save and share these views between users or attach to your homepage for quick and easy access
  • Drilldown throughout the whole system to delve into more detailed information drawn from the core database, allowing you to fully understand what is going on.

Selection of reporting requirements handled by the system

While reporting is widely acknowledged as a weakness of most property management systems, our solution bucks the industry trend. Our comprehensive reporting suite has been designed to provide you with the exact information you need to enhance the effectiveness of the strategic decisions you make.

Within our software are a number of common reports which can be exported in a wide range of formats. These include but are not limited to: aged debtors, income expenditure, net property income, owner statement, payment performance, tenancy schedules, rental vacancy analysis, corporate property summaries, funds available, lease expiry, break management and property void analysis.

This is just a snapshot of the range of features found within our software that help enhance your strategic decision-making capabilities. To find out more about our solutions for Property Managers, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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