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Trusted for Property Management Software

Trusted for Property Management Software

Qube Global Software has been implementing and supporting its specialist property management software across the world for approaching 40 years. Our property management solutions are currently used by more than 10,000 users at more than 600 businesses, ranging from small start-up regional enterprises to large multinational corporations.

Because of the experience we have gained supporting these businesses, we can help regardless of your approach to property management. Whether you’re an investor, manager or occupier, our solutions are tailored to your exact requirements. Our software supports every type of asset class: commercial, residential, mixed use properties through to businesses with specialist land-based holdings. Applications are seamless with other activities related to property management such as rental management, with integrated functionality to support one view of all your data.

Our most well-known property management software brands include Qube Horizon, Qube PM, Qube Vision and Qube SLM. We have established a reputation for innovation and breath of functionality over the past four decades. They are widely renowned for their ability to enhance performance by supporting better understanding and decision making in real estate management. Indeed, we have dedicated our development efforts to delivering easy to understand KPI reporting and integrated Business Intelligence dashboards.

Solutions are developed and delivered using the latest technologies, supporting mobile working practices with applications developed for this use. Staff, partners and clients can access relevant information on easy to use web interfaces or portals. By increasing use of the systems around the business and externally, you are ensured one consistent set of information. We can also deliver our software in the way that best suits you, whether it is hosted externally in the cloud, through our Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings,  or on premise using your own existing server infrastructure.

Terminology in property management varies across world. In the residential sector you may be familiar with terms like community, multifamily, strata, block or apartment management, depending on your local practices: but rest assured our regional teams have the relevant experience and solution for any market.

Our property management solutions provide businesses with the insight to fully increase the value of their real estate under ownership and/or control, regardless of portfolio size or composition. To find out more, speak to our dedicated team in your region.

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