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Guy Leonard – Qube SLM

Within any industry, personal recommendation carries far greater strength than any marketing activity a company can undertake. And it is this form of communication that influenced another thriving estate agency business to join the growing number of agents using Qube SLM.

Guy Leonard, a four branch organisation based in Sussex is using both the Lettings and Sales functionality within the system. The decision to change from their existing solution was led by the sales business, headed up by Director Neil Moore. “The main problem we had with our previous software was its inability to synchronise between offices and we were getting increasingly frustrated with the huge amount of administration time tied up in the manual updating of websites,” he explains. It was then a recommendation from local agents Henry Adams that led Neil to explore Qube SLM. “We had a specific need in terms of data transmission between locations but were sceptical about the security of internet based solutions,” he says. “However, we were assured by Henry Adams that any such concerns had proven unfounded in their experience.” Neil did look at a number of options on the market, but Qube SLM stood out.

“Qube SLM ticked all the right boxes, especially the facility to automatically update the website,” he says. “The matching functionality was far superior to our previous system and the e-mailing and SMS texting facilities were attractive.” comments Neil. Since the initial rollout, Guy Leonard has opened additional offices but our software has made this easy. “Within 48 hours, having purchased 2 new computers, our new offices have been up and running on the system,” says Neil. “We have also been able to centralise all advertising in one office and have expanded our business into commercial property sales because again, it can be supported through the one system.”

However, the changing of IT solutions is rarely all plain sailing and the transfer of data from the old solution to Qube SLM was a concern. “The fact that the Qube SLM team could manage the transition helped convince us they were the right partner to go with but ultimately we decided not to use this facility,” says Neil. “We took the opportunity to cull a lot of the old information and manually input the details we wanted to keep. This also had the advantage of helping people become familiar with the system.” And training was one area that did surprise the business. “The up-front costs represented great value for money, but we had underestimated the level of training required,” he says. However, they rely heavily on the on-going support we provide: “The support team at Qube SLM are always very responsive and patient with what must be to them, very basic questions!”

The real proof however is always best seen from the customer’s perspective. “The real-time factor impresses clients,” says Neil. “For example, we can be discussing price changes and the decision is implemented immediately. We have also had examples of customers calling in to say they are not entirely happy with something in the details and then are hugely impressed when it is changed online there and then.”

The Lettings side of the business, whilst although a smaller part of the Guy Leonard organisation, has also been positively impacted by our software. Cathy Moore who heads up this side of the operation explains. “It has definitely saved time. We are more efficient with managing inspections, renewals and processing rent. Overall, the system is very slick especially for new tenancies.”

And as a multi-branch business, data sharing is a particularly key benefit. “Sharing information with the sales department is invaluable – for example, turning tenants into purchasers as all their information is already logged,” says Cathy. “It also provides a great back up when we need to cover the sales operation, the data is all there and we can continue to provide a professional and seamless service.”

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