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Grainger on Qube PM software

Neil Harker provides a testimonial from Grainger discussing the benefits of Qube PM software.

We are a commercially diverse business dealing primarily with tenanted residential. We also have other divisions dealing with development properties, a property service division, managing other properties for other organisations and we are also starting to look at financial assets in relation to buying equity release from people that don’t have enough finance in their lives.

I am actually the Management Accountant but I have been seconded into IT. I have been assigned to look after Qube within Grainger.

We have a very commercially diverse organisation and Qube allows our sort of flexibility to be reflected through the software.

Basically we have a multi divisional business; we have a European division and a retirement solution division which is your equity release. We have got a UK tenanted residential business and we have also got a development business and all of these facets are encompassed within Qube. From a purely financial point of view we do all of the financials based on the general ledger. Qube deals with every facet of the business.

It allows us to deal with and manage our portfolio very effectively. We have got an enormous wealth of data and we are able to collate and analyse that data to produce management information.

Grainger is changing commercially year on year and that changing environment that we are currently faced with in terms of the economy need to be reflected through our own business plans and strategies and Qube compliments that.

We are going to develop the software further. We are talking about standardisation and rationalisation and we are also trying to really improve our own business processes encompassing Qube software.

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