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Humber NHS Foundation Trust on Qube Planet Facilities Management Software

Customer testimonial from Nik Bygate of Humber NHS Foundation Trust talking about the benefits of Planet facilities management software.

“I work for Humber NHS Foundation Trust; it is a community mental health trust. We have got about a 600,000 population that we look after and it is quite a geographically dispersed patch.”

“I’m the Estates Manager so was involved in setting up the software, configuring it and the day to day running. I run the out desk too where all of the information comes and goes into the system.”

“We looked at a few different pieces of software. The main thing that attracted us to Planet was the fact that it was modular. When we were setting it up initially, we looked at it and we decided that we didn’t want to go and implement everything at the same time so by setting it up with the helpdesk and work management, we could then refine those and then move on to implementing planned maintenance”

“The most important thing is that previously we were using a dos based system and it was very cumbersome and hard to get reports out. The best thing about Planet is that it does allow you to report quite quickly on what information you’ve got in the system.”

“The thing we’ve noticed about Qube is that they always seem to be friendly. When we originally started implementing the system, they guided us all the way through the implementation process. They are always at the end of the phone if you have a query so it is as much the back-up. It almost feels like a partnership than a client – user setting.”

“The big driver at the moment is space utilisation – knowing how much space we’ve got, finding out ways of reducing the amount of that you need so you can reduce the property portfolio and save costs. That is what we’re looking at a lot at the moment – how we can get more out of what we’ve got in the buildings”

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