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South Kensington Estates on Qube Horizon Property Management Software

Sarah Gooding from South Kensington Estates on the benefits of Qube Horizon property management software.

We own and manage and refurbish property in central London. We own a property portfolio which is broadly mixed use which is made up of shops, offices and residential.

As for other threads of the company I am responsible for making decisions about choices in software, whether we upgrade, what were going to purchase and I have also been involved implementation team and of course I am a user.

We chose this software for the breath for the functionality that it offers, we want it not only to be able to demand and collect rents but we also want it to hold all of the property data in one place and also to have our accounting data closely interlinked, and Horizon provided us with the best overall solution.

The key benefits for us at Horizon have been the sharing of information and the knowledge that we all have access to knowledge that before was held within the head of surveyors or the owner is now equally available to all of us.

I like the fact everything is accessible to everyone I think that’s a really good feature that you can have operational security, you can restrict access but can also give everybody all access to everything. In terms of the service that’s provided the consultants are really knowledgeable and helpful, so any new developments that new areas that you want to explore your really given lots of support and help with that.

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