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Qube software for Healthcare Estates

Increasing transparency and reducing operating costs across 20% of the healthcare market

A complete property, facilities, space and compliance management suite for the healthcare industry

As a healthcare estates or facilities manager you have to strike a balance between increasing productivity, improving space usage and reducing operating costs.

This can be a challenge when rationalising your estate in line with the Carter recommendations, ERIC reporting and compliance with GS1.

With 30 years’ experience in this sector, Qube is your trusted partner for ensuring your organisation runs smoothly.

Use our complete property, facilities, space and compliance management solution to align with regulatory requirements and make discernible cost-savings.

  • Ensure your organisation is aligning with clinical and non-clinical space utilisation requirements.
  • Optimise your space usage for improved compliance and reduced asset costs.
  • Easily share occupancy and utilisation data with key stakeholders.
  • Provide your workforce with mobile data tools to reduce paperwork and manage resources.
  • Use the app to scan locations and assets including GS1 compliant barcodes.
  • Monitor and report on measurable conditions including legionella testing.
  • Use the portering module to manage ‘bookable’ patient or medical equipment moves.
  • Plan and track activity and measure the effectiveness of your maintenance plan.
“ Qube Global Software provides us with a one stop shop for managing and maintaining occupancy, significantly reducing the operational burden ” | Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Automate Streamline and automate your FM processes.
Comply Fully supports regulations to help with regulatory and compliance concerns.
Mobile Access our systems via mobile and tablets and take advantage of our suite of apps.
Space Import accurate CAD and PDF drawings to optimise your space usage.

Key benefits of our healthcare solution

Increase workforce productivity

By providing your workforce with mobile data tools you can reduce paperwork and manage the resources required to issue or close jobs. Our facilities management app allows you to maintain an accurate record of completed work to optimise workloads, as well as understanding and reporting on hours worked every week.

You can also use the app to scan locations and assets – including GS1 compliant barcodes – to identify the correct asset, order parts, start work and confirm that work is completed. With the software, you can reduce travel time and get more done each week.

Manage your space

Use our space management solution to import accurate CAD and PDF drawings and synchronise your locations and space related information with your FM system.

Record occupancy levels on tablets or smartphones to understand the total space used by each department in the trust. Use the software to plan and implement department moves in hours rather than weeks. With our space management solution, you can record occupants and lease details and create a simple property terrier, as well as easily find people, rooms and resources.

Manage projects effectively

Use the Our Projects module to effectively manage capital project timescales and finances between FM and capital estates teams.

Enhance customer experience

Use our web interface for call logging and customer feedback to dramatically improve your service and cut the resources required to run your helpdesk.

Make the most of your facilities assets

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, so it’s essential to know exactly when, where and how your budgets are being spent. Our management and asset tracking gives you instant and accurate information across your facilities management services. Use GS1 GIAI barcodes (Global Individual Asset Identifier) to identify and scan your important assets, leading to timely and informed decisions and dramatically improving your reporting capabilities.

Improve environmental performance

Employ our environmental management tools to monitor and report on measurable conditions including legionella testing, PAT testing and energy usage.

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