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The Creation of a World Class 10

Qube Global Software is pleased to announce the release of the latest versions of the Horizon, Planet and Qube software solutions – version 10 of all of these major product lines. These versions are the culmination of many man years of development and signal a commitment to developing and enhancing all of its major product lines for years to come.

Whilst the industry, like the wider economy, has experienced a difficult period over the past two years, Qube Global Software has invested considerable resources into developing solutions that will protect their customers’ futures.

Qube Global Software has been at the forefront of property and facilities management software for over thirty years, with its innovative approach and an unrivalled understanding of the industry. For evidence of this, look no further than their 850 customers, unmatched in terms of numbers and range of sectors.

John Cuppello, CEO, Qube Global Software commented on the launch of ’10.’

“While we are proud of our past achievements we are even more excited about the future. The release of 10 signals the next steps in the evolution of our product lines, and taking an already great set of solutions to the next level.”

’10’ will deliver a wealth of new features that will increase revenue and control costs within customer organisations, including:

Advanced dashboard reporting leading to increased Business Intelligence and fully informed decision making
Products with state of the art and intuitive second generation web user interfaces allowing you or your administrators to configure the screen layouts to your own needs
New sustainability functionality to help with your organisation’s environmental aims
Leading edge service tools delivering self service options to your customers
Options of all the latest technologies meaning you make the right choice for decades to come
Feedback from customers that have reviewed the 10 releases has been nothing but exceedingly positive and even before the software is released several organisations have placed orders for ’10.’

“The business intelligence piece is just what is needed to involve Senior Management”
“Overall I found the new functions very user-friendly and easy to use”
“10 Looks very promising”
“Found the service charge reporting changes very useful and looking forward to 10”
“The ability to search is so easy, it will get both front and back office on board”

Over the next few months Qube Global Software will be demonstrating ’10’ at the leading industry events and holding a series of webinars featuring the ’10’ solutions.

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