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DECs will be “welcomed” by FM industry | 16 June 2011

Making display energy certificates (DECs) mandatory will be “welcomed” by the “majority” of the facilities management industry, according to one sector specialist.

Stephen Baxter claimed that making it compulsory for all commercial properties to show DECs would have its challenges but could also have some benefits, too.

He told FM-World.co.uk: “The introduction of compulsory DECs for all commercial buildings…will have a huge impact on the property industry, and facilities management professionals specifically.”

“First…developers will come under pressure to ensure new-build commercial buildings are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. There is a growing feeling in the industry that sustainable property developments will be able to attract higher rents than poorly performing buildings.”

Baxter added: “The full-scale introduction of DECs will, therefore, be welcomed by the majority of people in the industry.”

However the expert did add that the introduction could create some “significant tasks” for facilities management professionals – who would have to analyse the efficiency of each of their properties, before taking action to make them as sustainable as possible.

To make this entire process easier, facilities management specialists may wish to invest in facilities management software, allowing them to manage their estate much more efficiently – without all the hard work involved.

Baxter concluded by stating that in order for the compulsory DECs to work, “greater co-operation” between commercial property owners and its tenants would be required. He remarked that this would be vital if “DECs are to be successful in reducing the energy consumption of commercial buildings.”

Written by Deborah Bates on behalf of Qube Global Software

While posted by Qube Global Software all views expressed are not necessarily those of the company. All facts are verified where possible directly by the author.

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