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The ECS Group – The Market Approves | 07 March 2006

The ECS Group announced the merger of Fraser Williams Commercial Systems (FWCS) and Estate Computer systems to the market shortly before the PCS EXPO exhibition in October. This provided a major talking point between both exhibitors and attendees.

The link up between these two companies is undoubtedly one of the major events to take place in the property software industry over the last few years. The new relationship led to the Estates Gazette Referring to the ECS Group as a ‘Software Giant’.

The group is further strengthened by FDS Advanced Systems Ltd. FDS develops and supplies the Planet FM suite, a leading software solution in the field of facilities management. FDS joined the ECS group in March 2005.

The roots of the group companies go back over 4 decades with over 1000 customers choosing the Group solutions over this period. 12 months on from the development of the latest links, the market is still looking on them favourably, with many new customers choosing Horizon, QUBE or Planet FM software, including:

  • The LINT Group
  • Broadgate West
  • Fitzwilliam Properties
  • Westnew Management
  • Telewest
  • Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation
  • Hurstwood Group
  • BOC Edwards
  • Royal Bournemouth Hospital NHS Trust
  • Girls Day School Trust
  • Whittington NHS Trust
  • South London & Maudsley NHS Trust
  • Certainty Group
  • Serco Transport Technology Services
  • Rollright Facilities
  • Detica
  • Poole Hospital NHS Trust

Following the recent acquisition of Ashtenne Holdings by Warner Estate Holdings, the expanded Warner Estate Holdings Group reviewed their systems and have decided to upgrade to QUBE Global across the organisation, replacing three systems with the integrated ECS Solution.

In addition, Canada Life, Wilky Asset Management, Continuum, HSBC and Insight Investment have decided to upgrade to the new version of Horizon. The ECS/ FWCS User Group is also supporting the decision to continue to invest in and market the QUBE and Horizon products. The

Group has an aim to improve and strengthen the entire product range by using a best practices approach. The common themes amongst the buying decisions were the benefits the products will bring to their respective organisations and the track record of the companies within the ECS Group.

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