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Introducing the Unique Horizon Mortgage Manager Module | 20 March 2007

The Mortgage Manager Module is the latest addition to the Horizon software suite for property management professionals. Like all the modules of Horizon, the Mortgage Management Module can be used as a standalone product or as an integrated process in the Horizon system.

It is the only software solution offering combined management of your “owned” property portfolio alongside your “mortgaged” portfolio. This will give you the means to generate income by ownership of the property and by the loan secured on it.

This gives you even greater control over your loan exposure and management of risk.

The Mortgage Manager Module also:

  • delivers the business processes you need to control the entire mortgage process
  • generates more income by ownership of the property and on the loan secured on it
  • deals with temporary and permanent interest rate adjustments
  • delivers detailed analysis of loan exposure and risk management
  • enables you to set up best practice across the enterprise and lower your total cost of ownership.

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