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London tipped to remain a commercial property hotspot in the short-term future at least | 2 July 2013

The short-term future of London’s commercial property market looks very promising, according to new figures.

The Global Investor Appetite report, commissioned by law firm Navarro, suggests that 73 per cent of investors are hoping to increase their London portfolio in the next two years.

However, it was also suggested that London’s status as a property superpower looks less assured beyond 2015.

Just 45 per cent of those questioned believed they would have a bigger portfolio in ten year’s time. This figure drops 38 per cent in the next twenty years.

According to efinancialnews.com, this is largely down to increased confidence in emerging markets. The survey’s respondents were much more excited about long-term investments in the likes of Brazil, Russia, China and India than they were in the UK.

In an interview with propertywire.com, Nabarro head of real estate Ciaran Carvalho suggested that there was still time for Britain to prepare for the stiff competition from these emerging markets in the future.

He said: “The UK has a long history of entrepreneurship in the real estate sector and will need to keep reinventing opportunities for occupiers to locate to the UK while also offering the certainty required to make sure global investors continue to prioritise the UK as a home for foreign investments.”

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