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Martin Pickard, FM Guru, At Open Doors Plus Latest Free FM White Paper | 20 October 2009

Two major initiatives are helping to consolidate the position and reputation of Planet Enterprise, the leading FM system from Qube Global Software, in the CAFM systems market.  Firstly, it has just published the latest free White Paper, written by highly regarded industry expert, Martin Pickard, and secondly, it has announced an Open Doors event in London on Oct 20th and 21st  where Pickard will also be speaking.

The White Paper is titled “A Guide to Success in the Economic Upturn through Facilities Management Innovation and Information”.  Pickard explores the topic by covering Creativity, Risk, Change and Information.  The paper states “Information is an A Guide to Success in the Economic Upturnessential tool for all managers in planning and decision making and is particularly powerful when captured in a structured management information system.  For those responsible for the management of facilities such information is vital.”

The report concludes that FM is a major factor in the global economy and Pickard states that the current economic downturn is a real opportunity for the whole FM industry.  It can be a major factor in the recovery by renewed focus, innovation, creativity and partnerships backed by investment, communication and information technology.

The Open Doors event, the UK’s only property and facilities management software exhibition this year, will be hosted by Qube Global at its offices in Central London.   The event will be held at 9 King Street, London EC2V 8EA – 20-21 October 2009, 9.30 am – 4.00 pm.

Open Doors will showcase the latest versions of industry leading software solutions aimed at facilities and property managers, investors and occupiers of both commercial and residential property. There will also be the opportunity to gain industry insight during guest speaker sessions including Martin Pickard, also known as The FM Guru, focusing on recent developments within the property and facilities management sectors.

This year’s event will focus on how to unlock data, potentially the greatest asset within organisations, and how to create true Business Intelligence Solutions using this information. The white paper outlined above, written by Martin Pickard will be available to all attendees at the event.

Fast becoming a key event in the property and facilities management software industry, Qube Global Software are hoping to build on the success of last year’s Open Doors event. Richard Fisher, Director of Planet at Qube Global Software, commented: “We felt that there was a real need to provide an opportunity for property and facilities management professionals to see some of the leading software solutions on the market as well as offering access to industry expertise all in one place at one time.”

In summary this double exposure builds on another successful year for Planet and Qube Global Software and a series of prestigious new installations.  As FM systems are now recognised as a valuable tool in combating the current economic pressures, the white paper and the Open Doors event come at an opportune time.

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