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Qube Global Software demonstrates the power of their new space management product with the help of Lego and unveils the latest CAFM developments

Qube Global Software’s Planet team in conjunction with their partners CADM used a Lego replica office floor from the famous Man Yee building in Hong Kong to demonstrate the benefits of using space management software at this year’s Facilities Show.

To help illustrate the power of the new space management solution, contestants were asked to guess the occupancy percentage of the Lego replica Man Yee floor. The figure was calculated through the use of the space management product, with periodic surveys throughout the day. The closest guess on each day was rewarded with a Lego kit.

One of the winners was Joe Mellor of Teledata (pictured) who came closest to the occupancy total of 62% on the second day of the Facilities Show.

The 2013 Facilities Show took place on the 14-16th of May and featured experts discussing the latest innovations within the industry. Against this backdrop Qube Global Software also featured the latest developments to their Planet CAFM solution that provides Facilities Managers the world over with the tools to maximise work environments and increase productivity through improved working practices..

Originally written by Ian Bennett

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