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Qube Global Software Launch | 24 September 2007

ECS Group announce restructure to aid major market expansion.

A new force has emerged today in the property and facilities management software market, albeit one with over 30 years experience and over 800 customers.

Qube Global Software is the new name for the ECS Group of Companies which comprises of Fraser Williams Commercial Systems, FDS Advanced Systems and Estate Computer Systems.

The merger of the three operating companies is an integral step towards a complete restructure of the company under a single management team, designed to enable it to expand into new and existing markets.

John Cuppello, CEO of Qube Global Software, stated that the restructure will facilitate a more co-ordinated approach to technical research and product development as well as projecting a consistent sales and marketing message to the market as a whole.

“Qube Global will continue to invest in and market all of its existing software applications in order to deliver high quality solutions to the property and facilities management markets. There are no plans to merge the products, but rather to improve and strengthen the entire product range by best practice” said Cuppello.

The three main product lines of the new company – Horizon, Planet and Qube – are all well-known business applications and there are no plans to change brands. Over the next few months Qube Global Software will be undertaking an aggressive marketing campaign to unveil its new identity at a series of industry events including PCS Expo, Total Workplace Management, MAPIC, MIPIM and the Corenet Global Summit in Atlanta.

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