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Qube Global Software’s interview with FMJ | 11 January 2011

Qube Global Software’s CEO John Cuppello takes a seat in the Facilities Managers chair in an interview with FMJ.

John Cuppello, CEO Qube Global Software, highlights the benefits of Business Intelligence whilst discussing how he would approach the challenges facing Facilities Managers in today’s market.  Challenges that include cost cutting, developing long term relationships with service providers to using technology to enhance the profession’s status.

Qube Global Software develops Planet, the leading facilities management software solution. As a Facilities Manager you will be looking for a software solution that enables you to effectively manage the full spectrum of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ services.  Planet offers FM professionals a full view of the facilities under management, from logging help desk calls, to measuring the depreciation of assets and monitoring maintenance costs.

FMJ (Facilities Management Journal) is a leading publication for professionals across the entire industry.  The long running FM insider column invites service professionals to imagine they are sitting in a Facilities Manager’s chair and to provide advice and insight on how to solve their problems.

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