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Qube Property Management Software an Easy Choice | 16 April 2009

Qube Global Software has entered into the world of Seriously Easy Student Accommodation. One of the UK’s premier suppliers of accommodation for students, ClubEasy has selected a five-user Qube system to assist with the management of their substantial property portfolio.ClubEasy Student Accommodation

Qube is to replace an incumbent bespoke system, as well as a number of sub-systems, with the aim of holding all of the property management data in a single, centralised database. This information will then be used to manage matters such as property improvements, maintenance and utility certificates, as well as to track purchases, rentals, revaluations and disposals.

Qube Global Software is excited to be associated with such a dynamic company as ClubEasy, operating in a fast paced and growing market.

For more information please contact James Lavery in the Qube Customer Relationship Team. jlavery@qubeglobal.com or +44 (0)1529 413131.

About ClubEasy
ClubEasy have been housing students for nearly 20 years. The company was founded in the city of Hull in 1987. The name change to ClubEasy took place 5 years ago when they introduced an all inclusive accommodation package and ClubEasy now house over 2700 students in the cities of Durham, Exeter, Hull, Loughborough and Lincoln. Despite this growth they still pride themselves in being fully focused in providing high quality accommodation.

For more information on ClubEasy visit http://www.clubeasy.co.uk .

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