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Sales Win – Romtelecom uses Horizon | 14 March 2007

Romtelecom, Romania’s leading telecom company have chosen Horizon, Fraser Williams’ fully web-developed Real Estate Management Software to play a key role in the management of its asset base consisting of properties and land, both owned and leased.

Historically, Romtelecom’s assets were administered locally, but changes in telecom technology and a general maintenance and repair plan required an advanced real estate management system that would also maximize the value of these assets and enable Romtelecom to better rationalise space availability for its regulatory needs at a centralised level.

Horizon’s Property Database contains every conceivable element of a company’s real estate data and provides for financial, lease, utility, space, project, land and facilities management.

Romtelecom’s Property Management said: “Horizon will provide us with an essential business tool to allow us to maximize the performance of our assets. With a high level of functionality and flexibility it is an easy-to-use property management solution that is adaptable to the needs of our different projects and users.”

The main reasons for Romtelecom choosing Horizon were its 100% web developed technology to access the system from anywhere, anytime; its enhanced reporting capabilities and its ability to track all changes or transactions to provide effective audit trials and regulatory compliance.

In the last years, Romtelecom has quickly and effectively evolved from a former state monopoly to a private company that utilises the sophisticated technology of this new millennium. Its aim, according to their CEO Yorgos Ioannidis, is to become the most profitable and efficient company in the Romanian telecom market.

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